Book Fair

Our Notre Dame library book fairs provide students, teachers, and parents with access to hundreds of affordable books and educational products. These beloved fundraising events generate monies and educational resources for our school by receiving a portion of sales from every book fair that we host, which usually occur, in the Fall and Spring.


Students in animal masks and Volunteer at Book Fair


With the look and feel of a bustling bookstore, our week-long library reading event features mobile cases full of books based on characters and subjects that children of all ages love and want to read about. From newly released books and best sellers to award-winning titles and perennial favorites, each fair is uniquely themed to engage and encourage our students to love reading.


We invite all parents to attend and witness their child’s joy and the empowerment they feel that comes with choosing and reading a new book!



For More Information and to Volunteer Please Contact:


Suzy Groff


[email protected]