Notre Dame Catholic School

Principal's Message

From the principal’s desk……..


Notre Dame Catholic School is now in its 104th year. Each of those years some have experienced the opportunity of a good education in a faith filled environment. "In my life so many things have changed. Some are gone forever and some remain though are not the same." Each of us who hold faith at the center of our lives know how important it is to impart to our coming generations the tenants and precept from that faith.


I am convinced that it is critical for kids to learn and internalize Christian doctrine that will enrich and make their lives richer and provide the hope they will need. They will need to face life’s challenges acquiring the knowledge base they need by developing the skills they will need to compete, and by developing their faith.  This is what happens at our school.


Thomas Jefferson and others who were founding fathers knew that our democracy was created for a knowledgeable and moral people. Neither side of the equation can be ignored if our system is to be perpetuated. This little school focuses on both sides of the equation. I pray all parents will work to make sure both sides of the equation are in place. I also pray that more and more parents will consider a faith based education for their children. That difference is dramatic as are the results.


Mr. Marlin Marcum,