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The After School Program (ASC) is offered as a service for students enrolled at Notre Dame Catholic School.  As an extension of our regular school day, students are supervised in a safe, Christian environment.  Students must be enrolled in the program prior to attending and parents must complete page 5 and 6 of this packet.  (If a child comes and a registration form isn’t on file, the parent will need to fill out a form when he/she picks up his/her child.) 


HOURS OF OPERATION:                         3:45p.m. to 5:30p.m.


BILLING AND FEES:                                3:45-4:30    $5.00

                                                                   4:30-5:30    $5.00


LATE PICK-UP FEE:            

After School Care closes at 5:30p.m.  Late pick-up fee=$5.00 per every 5 minutes after 5:30p.m.  If a child/children are not picked up after 5:30p.m. on two occasions, parents will be notified that they may need to make other arrangements for after school care.  After School Care fees are added to the family statement each month. 





All students in Pre-K 3 through Fourth Grade are signed in by an ASC staff member.  5th through 8th Grade students sign themselves in upon arriving.  Students who have not been picked-up by 3:45 are escorted by a teacher to ASC and signed in by an ASC staff member.  All students who are signed in at ASC must be signed out of ASC regardless how long they are there. 



ASC is held in the Social Center.  Parents enter into the Social Center and sign out their child or children from an ASC staff member.  Only Parents or an authorized person are allowed to sign out the student(s).    Any child involved in after-school tutorials, clubs, or athletics requiring a late sign-in must be signed in by the person operating the after school event.   Special permission and arrangements must be made in advance with the person operating the after-school event and ASC personnel.  Once a student has been signed out, he/she must gather his/her belongings and leave with his/her parents. 



A list of all persons authorized to pick up a particular child(ren) is required.  This information will be kept where all After School Care staff will have access to it.  It is very important that all contacts and numbers remain current.  If your child is going home with another student or someone not on the pick-up list, they must have a note from the parents giving their child permission.  ASC staff will not take permission over the phone.  The permission must be in written form (email, fax, or note handed to the ASC staff).  All persons picking up students for the first few times may be asked to show their driver’s license or some form of picture ID.  Students will not be released to adults without an ASC staff seeing an ID. 



Students will not be permitted to leave ASC to return to their lockers or classrooms unassisted by a school adult.  ASC will utilize the playground area and the Social Center from 3:45p.m. to 5:30p.m. 



The After School Care Program at Notre Dame is an extension of the regular school day.  Therefore, all of the school’s discipline policies remain in effect.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for the Discipline Policy. 



No cell phones are permitted during After School Care.  Cell phones are to be kept turned off and in the student’s backpack.  If it becomes necessary for a student to call a parent there is a phone available for them to use. 



All student will be offered a snack during After School Care.  Snacks vary daily.  If there are any special allergies, please make sure that this is noted on the registration form. 




On Early Release Days we do not offer After School Care.  Most of our Early Release Days are used as Staff Development opportunities for all of the staff.



Notre Dame Catholic School                                       830-257-6707

ASC Directors, Lisa Farrow and Tiffany Rangel       830-896-1929



The schedule is subject to change for reasons such as weather issues that arise…too hot or too cold.  For particular events, students may go to the fireplace room located inside of the Social Center.  A sign will be posted when students are relocated to another area other than the Social Center.   During homework time, students are to be quiet and work on their homework, study, or read a book.  Younger students will be working in centers.  If a student does not have homework, he/she will still need to remain quiet so that other students may concentrate and are able to work.  Students should always have a book to read in their backpacks.