Notre Dame Catholic School


In compliance with the Guardian Angel Tuition Assistance Program & Hope For the Future Scholarship, all recipients of these scholarship funds must complete 10 hours per semester/scholarship of volunteer service to Notre Dame Catholic School. Please complete this form every time you volunteer so that your file will be properly documented for the Guardian Angel Review committee and Hope For The Future Scholarship committee. In effort to keep your scholarship information confidential, please return the form to the school bookkeeper.

Criminal Background Check

The Archdiocese retains the right to conduct background investigations on current employees, prospective employees, or volunteers for all positions in order to obtain criminal records and credit reports. No employee/volunteer may begin work until a clearance is issued.  

(Please return this form to Notre Dame Catholic School for submission.)

Sexual Misconduct Training and OVASE now called Virtus.


All employees / volunteers are required to receive orientation on the Archdiocesan Policy on Sexual Misconduct.  Employees / Volunteers  will receive a copy of the policy and must have the official certificate of completion in their personnel file.  All school employees must fully comply with the Policy on Sexual Abuse on the Part of Church Personnel of the Archdiocese of San Antonio.  Training is required to be renewed every three years.  The Archdiocese of San Antonio is currently using Protecting God's Children developed by Virtus to educate adults on abuse prevention.  Virtus provides traditional on-site training, on-line training, and on-line renewal training.