Notre Dame Catholic School

Parent Resources



Hot Lunch Trays are available in the Cafeteria  Monday-Wednesday. Cost is $4.50/meal.  It is important that you sign into Renweb by Friday's to order lunches for the next week as we have to call and order lunches from the Caterer.  If you don't order online, we may not be able to accommodate your child.


You can order for the month now. If you order a meal and your child is absent or your child does not take a tray, you will still be responsible for that charge.


If you fail to order meals after this week, your child may receive a PB&J sandwich w/milk and the cost will still be $4.50. This is not a daily addition to the menu and will only be used in emergency. It is our hope that this supplement will not be abused. If the this occurs, Mr. Marcum will address families individually to make suitable arrangements.


Attached you will find the ordering procedures for RenWeb. You can call the school office at 830-257-6707 if you have questions. Thank you for your help.