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Important Dates

2016-2017  Activities Calendar



25        Parker Uniform Pre-Sales (11am-2pm) Gym-Reserve 9:00am-4:00pm



2          PTC Board Mtg 11:30am (Lib)

3          Registration 8am-6pm (All Families) School Office/Library

5          New Teacher’s Orientation (SA)

8          Booster Club Board Mtg 5:30pm (Gym Foyer)

8-12     Teacher In-service/ Staff Professional Development

11        PTC All Grades Meet and Greet/Supply Drop off & Social 4:30 - 6:00pm

15        First Day of School-7:50am

15        Volleyball/Soccer Practice Begins (3:30-5:15pm)

17        School Council Meeting 5:30pm

19        School Mass 8:05am

22        Mandatory Parent/Teacher Meeting @ 6:00pm (SC)

26        School Mass 8:05am

TBD     Athletic Physicals (Gym)




2          School Mass 8:05am

2          Early Dismissal-12:00pm/No After School Care – Staff Prof. Dev.

5          NO SCHOOL/Holiday–Labor Day

6          PTC Board Mtg. 11:30am (Lib)

9          OLH Ring Mass Ceremony/NDCS School Mass 8:30am

12        Booster Board Mtg 5:30pm (Gym foyer)

16        School Mass 8:05am/Progress Reports Issued

17-18    NDCS Festival

19        NO SCHOOL–Festival Clean Up/Faculty Work Day

21        School Council Meeting 5:30pm

23        School Mass 8:05am

30        School Mass 8:05am

TBD     Scholastic Book Fair (Lib)



4          PTC Board Mtg. 11:30am (Lib)

6          Open House/PTC General Meeting 6:00pm (SC & All Classrooms)

7          Early Dismissal 12:00pm/No After School Care/Faculty Work Day

10        NO SCHOOL/Columbus Day Holiday

12           Health Screenings (Vision & Hearing)

14        School Mass 8:05am / MS Fall Dance (SC)

17        Booster Board Mtg. 5:30pm (Gym Foyer)

19        School Council Mtg. 5:30

21        School Mass 8:05am / Report Cards Issued

28        School Mass 8:05am

31        Student - Community “trick or treat for canned goods”



1          School Mass 12pm-Holy Day All Saints / PTC Board Mtg 11:30am (Lib)

3          PTC Turkey Bingo 5:30pm (SC)

5          The Assembly (Faculty & Staff Prof. Dev.)

7          No School-Student/Staff

11        School Mass 8:05am/Early Dismissal 12pm – No After School Care / Faculty Prof. Dev.

14        Booster Board Mtg 5:30pm (Gym Foyer)

16        School Council Mtg 5:30pm

18        School Mass 8:05am / Lifetouch Fall Picture (FPR-7am-12pm)

23        Early Dismissal 12pm/No After School Care

24-27    Thanksgiving Holidays/No School



2         School Mass 8:05am

6         PTC Board Mtg. 11:30am (Lib)

8         School Mass 12pm-Holy Day of Obligation

9         Lifetouch Class Pics & Individual Retakes (FPR-7am-12pm)

12        Booster Board Mtg 5:30pm (Gym Foyer)

14        School Council Mtg. 5:30

15        PTC Christmas Music Program-6:00pm (SC)

16        School Mass 8:05am/Early Dismissal 12pm/No After School Care

19-Jan.1 NO SCHOOL/Christmas Holidays

TBD     Middle School Semester Exams



2          Classes Resume 7:50am

3          PTC Board Mtg 11:30 (Lib)

6          School Mass 8:05am

7          OLH HS Placement Tests

9          Booster Board Mtg 5:30pm (Gym Foyer)

11        Report Cards Issued

13        School Mass 8:05am

14        Archdiocese Khaki & Plaid Gala (HBG Convention Center)

16        NO SCHOOL/ Holiday-Martin Luther King Jr. Day

18        School Council Mtg 5:30pm

20        School Mass 8:05am

27        School Mass 8:05am/Catholic Schools Week Set Up (SC)

29        Catholic School Week All School Student Mass 11am/Open House (SC)

30-Feb. 3 Catholic Schools Week



3          School Mass 8:05am - Blessing of the Throats/Early Dismissal 12pm-NO After School Care

4          OLH Dance of the Hills

7          PTC Board Mtg 11:30am (Lib)

9          PTC Valentine’s Bingo 5:30pm (SC)

10        School Mass 8:05am

13        Progress Reports Issued/Booster Board Mtg. 5:30pm (SC)

15        School Council Mtg 5:30pm

17        School Mass 8:05am

20        NO SCHOOL/ Holiday Presidents’ Day

24        School Mass 8:05am

TBD     5th Grade Mass 10:00am @ St. Rose of Lima



1          School Mass 8:30am - Ash Wednesday

3          School Mass 8:05am/Early Dismissal 12pm-NO After School Care

7          PTC Board Mtg 11:30am (Lib) 

8          School Council Mtg. 5:30pm

10        School Mass 8:05am

13-17    NO SCHOOL/ Spring Break

20        Booster Board Mtg. 5:30 (Gym Foyer)

24        School Mass 8:05am/ Report Cards Issued

27        IOWA Testing Window Begins

31        School Mass 8:05am



1          Casino Night Fundraiser (Gym)

1-11     IOWA Testing Window

4          PTC Board Mtg @ 11:30am (Lib)

6          Lifetouch Spring Pictures (FPR)

7          School Mass 8:05am

10        Booster Board Mtg 5:30 (Gym Foyer)

14-17    Easter Holidays – NO SCHOOL

19        School Council Meeting 5:30pm

21        School Mass 8:05am / MS Spring Dance (SC) 6pm

27        Progress Reports Issued

28        School Mass 8:05am




2          Teacher Appreciation Day/PTC Board Mtg 11:30am (Lib)

4          PTC General Mtg & Pancake Supper 6:00pm (SC)

5          School Mass 8:05am / Cinco de Mayo Celebration 2:00-3:30pm (Gym)

8          Booster Board Mtg 5:30pm (Gum Foyer)

12        School Mass 8:05am

12        8th Grade Dinner & Dance (SC)

17        School Council Mtg. 5:30pm

18        Athletic Sports Banquet 6:00pm (SC)

19        School Mass 8:05am/OLH Graduation Mass 7:00pm

22-24    Middle School Final Exams

24        PK-3rd Picnic &Water Day

25        8th Grade Graduates Last School Day

26        School Mass 8:05am/Qtr 4–End

26        Early Dismissal 12:00pm/NO After School Care

27        8th Grade Graduation Mass 5:00pm (Church)

29        Memorial Day Holiday

31        Report Cards mailed out

TBD     ACRE Testing